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Our Vegetables



    Of course we put as much effort into finding the best vegetables as we do into our meat sourcing.  We buy vegetables from more than 24 small, family-owned farms throughout the year.  Some of our farmers have been selling us food for more than 20 years. Some are recent upstarts.  All of them are unique, and we work with each individual farm for unique reasons.  Some are certified organic.  Some are too small to make it worth their time.  We don't rely on third-party certification to tell us whether a farm is treating their land right.  We try to visit every single farm every year to see what is growing and how they are working their special piece of earth.  Some we visit almost every month!  

    Our values are simple:  

    • Let the farmer grow what they grow well-  Even though we run a whole-animal butcher shop, it is the vegetables that drive our seasonal menus.  Great meat is a given.  The ever-changing variety of fresh veg that walks through our doors daily which inspires us to create our dishes.
    • Quality=flavor- If we get the absolute best vegetables from the best farmers in our region, the best thing we can do is stay out of their way.  We treat our vegetables as gently as possible, to let them speak for themselves.  Getting the best ingredients means the best flavor...the flavor of that magic moment when the carrot is first pulled from the soil, or the bean is first snapped from the vine.

    • Relationship=mutual benefit- By buying direct from our farmers, we have the chance to work with them on how they grow, pack, and deliver the goods.  We also get to make sure that the full cost of the food goes directly to them.  This helps ensure that they can earn a living wage for themselves and their employees.

    • Locality is key.  One of the best benefits in buying direct from our farmers is that we get our vegetables delivered within a day of their harvest...this means you get the freshest, most delicious vegetables on your plate.



    Some of our backbone farmers:

    • Groundwork Organic

    • Red truck Farm

    • Simington

    • Wobbly cart

    • Side yard

    • Cully Neighborhood Farm

    Putting Food By.


    So what do you do during the Winter when you buy from local farms?  Glad you asked.

    Old Salt is also an FDA-certified food processing facility.  We are licensed to process canned vegetables, legally.  Not under the table, "just hide it away so the health department doesn't see it" canning, but real, safe, legal canning. We went through the time and expense to get certified for two reasons:

    • First, we like to do things right.  And we don't want to have to fall back on canned tomatoes from who-knows-where, grown by who-knows-who, and warehoused and shipped around the globe.  Those tomatoes aren't delicious.  We wanted to make sure that we can capture the height of the season tomatoes while they're great and save them for that mid-Winter braise, or that sauce that makes our pasta shine in the rainy season.  In short, because we want to have the best vegetables from our region all year round.
    • Second, because we want you to have them too.  We jar and label pickles and fruit preserves and butters to sell to you for your home larder too!  We don't want you to have to buy industrial food for your home.  You deserve better.  And our farmers deserve to be able to get you their bounty all year round as well.  So we do the work to put it away so you can buy it from us!

    We have some of our products available to buy direct online, over on our products page!