Noah Grobart

Head Meatcutter

Noah has been with our team for nearly 4 years. He came to us from running the meat counter at the (now defunct) Portland institution, Pastaworks, where he had run a great whole-animal program and one of the prettiest cases in town.  He hails from the streets of Oakland, Ca, where he trained as a butcher from the age of 17.  He trained at the famous Verbrugee Seafood and Meats before moving to Portland in 2011.  

He made the move to Old Salt because of our commitment to local ranches, and our dedication to building Portland's finest meat shop.  Noah works tirelessly to make sure that our ranchers are well-represented and that our customers get the best quality cuts available from each animal he breaks down.  Spending hours in a 34 degree white room is not for everyone, and it certainly isn't easy.  Noah is at the heart of what we do.  If you love our meat shop, we hope you will give him a personal "thank you" next time you are in.


Ben Schade

Head Chef, Old Salt Supperhouse

Chef Schade has been with us since day one, and remains the backbone of our Supperhouse.  After studying culinary art at Oregon Culinary Institute he worked in some of Portland's finest kitchens.  He worked at the famed Castagna, under then chef Elias Cairo (Olympia Provisions), and served as Sous Chef at Belly restaurant, under Cameron Addy (Ava Gene's, King Leroy), before working his way through the kitchen at Jenn Louis' Lincoln Restaurant.  During his time at Lincoln he spent two years as Chef de Cuisine, managing menu and staff, helping build the James Beard recognized restaurants' reputation.  He left Lincoln to join us in opening Old Salt.  

His beautiful menu highlights the freshest ingredients with an unyielding commitment to the farmers who are growing the absolute best vegetables, alongside hearth-grilled steaks and chops from our butchershop.  He also happens to be the nicest guy on the planet.  We couldn't do it without him.


Adam Segal

Market Merchandiser

Adam has manned the case since our first week.  New to us, he was a recent transplant from Minneapolis, where he worked at a traditional American deli.  He was new to the meat trade, but extremely dedicated our mission, and passionate about the connection with our guests.  He works diligently to bridge the gap between butcher and buyer.  Spending hours every day to explain the nuance of different cuts and their preparation to our customers, he also spends his off-time exploring the meats from our shop so he can better represent them to guests.  He cares so personally for our place, and we are so lucky to get the chance to have him on our team.  If you've been to our case, you likely know what we mean!